Andrew Fastman

Andrew Fastman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Novartis Pharma AG- WSJ 214 and Auditorium

The project consists of
approximately 12.400 square
meters gross floor area (BGF)
to provide the Novartis campus
with an office building that
will be the future home for the
HR department and a 600 seat
The glass skinned office
spaces are afforded sufficient
climatic control and ensured a
comfortable work environment
thanks to the sophisticated
glazing system. The office
spaces are organized around a
center atrium space and are
connected either with an
internal staircase or through
the elevator core on the east
side. The office floors are
organized in a way so they can
be easily restructured and
provide the most flexibility for
future changes in the program
or the user requirements.

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Status: Built
Location: Basel Switzerland

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