Andrew Fastman

Andrew Fastman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Korea Telecom Entertainment Center, Seoul, Korea

In lieu of a themed
environment, Korea Telecom has
opted for a lifestyle and
entertainment center of strong
architectural character and
functional cohesiveness. THis
center, while containing public
and private fucntions, would be a
destination holiday venue within
an hour of the capital.
The center consists of
various experiences culminating in
the participation of making of
film. The retail/entertainment
center gives way to
post-production facilities, sound
stage facilities, outdoor filming
sites and housing for the talent
perched above the valley in the
hillside. A studio tour will
circumnavigate the site.
In addition to the
architectural character, KT
sought to unify the site through
the strategic interaction with
nature. The existing brook on the
site will be harnessed to provide
a central feature of the central
performance space. Further, the
topography of the site has been
optimized to create focal points
for public consumption, while at
the same time providing
geographic isolation where
required, as in the film academy.
The nestling of the programme
into the hillside will create a
purely pedestrian experience
while vehicles will be under

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Soeul, KP

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