Andrew Fastman

Andrew Fastman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Irvine Mixed-Use strategic Reclamation, Irvine, CA

A brownfield site in the
Irvine Business Complex
provides a challenging design
exercise. After remediation,
the site will contain two
levels of sub-terranean
parking, 55,000 sf retail, a
20,000 sf commercial office
tower, 200,000 sf of live
work space, and 156
residential units comprising
485,000 sf.
The design employs
inhabitable terraces with a
continuois precession through
the project from Jamboree to
the residential area, echoing
the public to private
transition. The above grade
parking is shrouded with
townhouse units relating the
scale to the residential areas
beyond. The layering adds an
experiential aspect to the
procession providing many
respite points of increasing
privacy without the risk of

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Irvine, CA, US

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