Michael Montante

Michael Montante

Brooklyn, NY, US


East Liberty Elementary

Penn Circle/ Baum Blvd

East Liberty, PA

Approx. 65,000 sq ft.

Approx. 450 Students


The concept of this school was to provide an oasis space for the attended students to contrast the urban fabric surrounding. The oasis spaces are used to provide communal gathering spaces that facilitate morning and dismissal assemblies, as well as, providing a four season space for recess to occur in any weather condition.

Digital Fabrication was used to create the partition walls that wrap the oasis spaces allowing for light to filter through to the classroom hallways and providing varying transparency according to the density of the perforations. Our mock-up utilized 1/8" sheets of plywood as a proxy for our experiments with apertures. 


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Status: School Project
Location: East Liberty, PA, US


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