Brandon Kemp

Brandon Kemp

Cerritos, CA, US


Revit introduction

The argument presented through this particular project asks how research and
reconstruction of an iconic building in its entirety help to understand on how an icon
becomes an icon. This is accomplished through intensely researching the Pompidou
Centre fathomed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. After dissecting each system, we put it back together in a way that nurtures our opinion of what an iconic building is and how it can [pump] a city’s ego to new heights. As a result we begin to understand the simplistic complexity of a building. Additionally, it challenges and hopefully brings up the question of how the Pompidou Centre interacts with its surrounding context. Instead of being content with the fact that it can be viewed anywhere from an elevated point in the city, we pursue the question of how that influences and hopefully encourages the city’s inhabitants that they can be seen anywhere and do anything. As a result of this argument, we can learn how to make an iconic building that is built to last not just through our eyes but through our minds, hearts, and souls. Subsequently, we realize that this is a lofty goal, but it succeeded in imparting the knowledge that we can make ourselves bigger through pumping ourselves in time forever how brief. Finally, the project launches the idea of a studio with little funds through out the world while we remain at home improving ourselves.

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, France

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