Kirill Ryadchenko

Kirill Ryadchenko

Los Angeles, CA, US


The Peace Pentagon Competition

The Building is a unit of communication network and spatial relations, which are especially valuable in historic environment. Reaching the neighborhood stated as one of the goals, so deviating from its spatial pattern and break old-formed connections would oppose building to the district. Old building represents valuable witnessing of Peace Pentagon history in stone, identifying itself as Institution with the heritage. The main change in old building which will emphasize composition center on the pedestrian level is the wide, clear, bright portal joining lobby with the street, which welcomes people inside. Desire of tenants to interact with the street appears in spatial interface of COMUNICATIVE FAÇADE*. It is particular program of using the INTERFACE GAP** as mean of the dialog. Endless
variety of behavioral algorythms allow building to have an on-line dialog with Lafayette neighborhood. The main message contained in the form is that “peace and justice” inhabits in transparent bright volume where nothing is hidden, where light reaches any corner, the place lled with light and spreading it to.
+ Transparent façade and bright interior provide daylight deep inside the building to minimize electricity lighting during a day. Façade shades interior from direct sunlight to avoid overheating in hot period of a year but provides reected light deep inside /////.
Sun panels on the roof catch sun heat, in winter for heating, in summer for on-site electricity generating. There are 132 cloudy days a year in NYC and every moment sun shows up in the sky the building will benet of it. In a hot period of a year sun-heated water goes to Sterling
engine (which works on temperature dierence) and generate electricity
for conditioning system.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US


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