Chia-ching Yang

Chia-ching Yang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Breeding Unfamiliarity_ Thesis Project 2011

This is thesis is using familiarity as a driver to bring unfamiliarity into architecture. Familiar and unfamiliar plays a pivotal role in our perception of architecture. In sculpture the incorporation of some familiar aspect may be used to produce legibility. The transformation of the original figure produces a strong impression making the viewer aware of the context that produces legibility and familiarity. This approach has often been used in art. This thesis explores the use of this technique on an architecture scale.

On an architecture scale, an important constituent of familiarity is proportion. It becomes a
channel leading the viewer to catch the sense of scale in architecture.

When people get the map of architecture, the sense of consistency in architecture builds the trust to let viewer understanding the differential transformation and deformation.

Arches are both functional as well as iconic in architecture. A triumphal arch is a non functional arch, rather it is a monumental sculpture. In Paris triumphal arches approach the scale of entire buildings in the surrounding urban fabric. The triumphal arch refers to both the familiar and
unfamiliar elements in the city. This idea provides a scenario of new perspective to view and sense architecture and proposes a methodology of representation.


There are four techniques inspired form art works. They are awareness, synthesis, becoming and projection. These four kinds of representation in architecture speculate on the effect of architecture in a city. They represent different level of familiarity and unfamiliarity interacting with the viewer in the city by the distinctive context. The radical condition from the city which gives the different perspective decides the specific gesture applying on the original arches. My proposal is to interrogate the authority of the familiar object by introducing aspects of unfamiliarity in architecture.

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, France

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