Esteban Varas

Esteban Varas

New York, NY, US


Hybrid Nature

  The initial intention was to create an oasis in the middle of the desert; to create a comfortable living environment for the citizens of Phoenix in this harsh climate through sustainable interventions.
    Using plants and trees that can go with long periods of water as means for    shading and cooling we give the city a picturesque quality. We would be creating sustainable interventions in four different sites:
    Site 1 - is the main site that we worked on and developed beyond a conceptual level. This site is primarily housing but also offices, urban parks, commercial, energy generation devices, and other facilities. The main site is broken up allowing for cross ventilation with large irregular courtyards which become places of recreation, socializing, and leisure.
    Site 2 - would mainly be temporary housing but also recreational for shows, exhibitions, and performances. The site mainly targets young entrepreneurs, artists, and students.
    Site 3 - would have a recycling facility and an interdependent coeducational school, where sustainable living is integrated into the regular curriculum.
    Site 4 - would have a performing arts center, in an initiative to renew Phoenix’s cultural identity

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Status: School Project
Location: Phoenix, AZ, US


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