Haiko B

Haiko B

Los Angeles, CA, US


Habitat Surface

This research thesis will attempt to explore the fusion between three contemporary architectural fields of discourse. The first of these contenders is skins and surfaces within the aesthetic, spatial, dimensional, performative and formal ideologies of theory and design. Second, is the idea of Bigness in relation to contemporary urban contexts and habitable communities. And third, are the issues surrounding high density living in modern urban transit-oriented developments / neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

My goal for this project is to redefine what high density transit-oriented living can mean in a highly charged urban setting and how this can be achieved through non-traditional methodologies of design.

Based on my research within these various subjects, I am proposing a radically reassessed urban scheme that will question what density and bigness is within an urban context and what are the effects / affects with a preoccupation through skins and surfaces to a hybrid residential and commercial community.This project is located on the corner of La Cienega and Jefferson Blvd and will be part of the new Exposition transit line.    

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Status: School Project


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