Haiko B

Haiko B

Los Angeles, CA, US


Duplex Gallery

This project is a private art gallery displaying a small collection of photographs by Uta Barth and paintings by Lari Pittman located at the corner of Venice Blvd and Venice Way. The design intent was to have a continuous procession of movement wrapped around a central atrium gallery. This continuous movement was in the form of a winding corridor type gallery displaying 20 of Uta Barth's photography panels. The central atrium gallery displays Lari Pittman's oversize paintings.


The visitor encounters 3 options as they enter the building. They can take the stairs down to the main gallery, take the stairs up to the end of the Barth gallery towards the observation deck, or go straight into the winding gallery. No matter which one they choose, eventually one gallery will lead them to the other. This project attempts to unify program, circulation, and form into a single entity. You start in one location and end in the same place without backtracking or retracing your steps.   

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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