Haiko B

Haiko B

Los Angeles, CA, US


Center for Contemporary Car Culture

My area of interest is Van Nuys Blvd. and contemporary car culture. I researched the micro-economy around Van Nuys Blvd's auto row sector. How can an architectural paradigm exemplify the outcome of emerging eco-friendly car technology and design, in order to revolutionize the car's role in our culture?


In L.A. the automobile is here to stay one way or another. The urban sprawl of the city requires a car for people to navigate through. And I believe instead of rejecting the car, we should embrace it in a new, more progressive manner.  My response is to propose a Center for Contemporary Car Culture (C4). The three primary programs consist of public outreach that caters for the growing eco-friendly car technology, a radical and avant-garde automotive design school, and contemporary museum galleries specializing in new technology and street car culture. The design concept that I used for this project is peeling and programming the street. There is no barrier between building and street, the two become one. Visitors drive through the building to experience the project. This will become a cultural landmark which symbolizes the revitalization of a unique boulevard. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Van Nuys, CA, US


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