Robby Chin

Robby Chin

New York, NY, US


into an urban forest

Problem: A declining economy and melting pot of different cultures resulted in separation of southern and northern part of freeport. Increased vacant/ parking lots and division along the sunrise highway disconnects the city’s most valuable resource “waterfront” to the people of northern freeport. disconnection between neighboring town roosevelt is also an issue.
About IN-TO: Three different types of iconic zones will be added to freeport; nature, linear open space, and high density. A typological trait (housing) will be added to all three zones which will be unique to its zone. What each of these housings have in common is that they all contain individual gardens for each of its units. The strategy is to drive poeple inward to the vertical and horizontal zones, and to drive these three zones together into one point to make freeport one unifed community

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: freeport long island


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