Tyson Staab

Tyson Staab

Oakland, CA, US


Couch Potato Bar Tender

This studio was an interior architecture studio focused on furniture design. We were to design a table with an outside function of what a typical table is used for. I choose to design a coffee table that also has a built in “wet bar.” The basic design is a large enclosure that wraps around as the table’s main shape. There is a middle area that will hold all of the bar tending equipment which includes an ice bucket, bar tending urensils, cocktail shaker, bar matt, garnish trays, glasses and shot glasses. There will be a section on the table top that is removable to reveal the bartending equpiment and can also be used as a bar top. I designed this table to seem like it is floating despite its large size. The main enclosure is made of Purple heart wood, the interior section is Poplar wood, the removable section is cork tiles and there are flat black metal brackets on the corners. I used a natural oil on the table as the finish. The table demensions are 27” wide x 46” deep and 20 1/2” tall.

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Status: Built
Location: Eugene, OR, US

Inner Compartments
Inner Compartments

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