Thomas Henry Jones

Thomas Henry Jones

Manhattan, KS, US


Palazzo Pitti Masterplan

The Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy have a long, rich history. The character of the existing site is characterized by evolution as owners and functions have changed throughout history. The masterplan proposes three elements to aid in its current function as a cultural destination that houses various museums and outdoor spaces. The first two, a renovated piazza space and ticket office, work together to reinvigorate dead spaces and help direct visitors. The new piazza brings the Italian garden design and greenery of the Boboli out into the front of the building and creates a new urban setting for people to gather and interact. The new ticket office becomes the directional hub when visitors first arrive and vastly simplifies visitor entry from the current conditions.  The contemporary gallery becomes part of the Boboli gardens, reflecting the highly refined shapes found there and melds with the site instead of becoming intrusive. Its earth integrated nature aids in maintaining views of the gardens. The designs are contemporary in nature, yet sensitive and respectful to their location rich in Florentine history.

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Status: Unbuilt


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