Nathaniel Stanton

Nathaniel Stanton

New York, NY, US

Glencoe Residence (Image: Searl)
Glencoe Residence (Image: Searl)
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Glencoe Residence

2003 - 2004

Design Architect: Searl and Associates

Structural Engineer:
Nathaniel M. Stanton SE AIA - Structural Engineer for the Glecoe Residence while working at Robert Darvas Associates.

The Glencoe Residence is an award winning residential design completed with Searl and Associates in Chicago. The scope of engineering for this project involved the complete re-imagining of an existing residence. The renovation included the addition of a second floor and dynamic interior spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Glencoe Residence (Image: Searl)
Glencoe Residence (Image: Searl)

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