Zhong Ren Huang

Zhong Ren Huang

New York, NY, US


Chang Dai Cheng Museum

Chang Dai Chien is a renown painter in China who has left us an extraordinary and precious ink arts. He has travelled to many continents to archieve arts and get inspirations. One of the place he has been to get inspirations was Dunhuang Art Cave in China, where he has solely lived and painted for a couple years. In the Cave, he has produced many of his famous pieces. 
The purpose for this museum is to provide the very same experience that Chien has experienced during the years he spent in the Hieroglyphics Art. The spacital paths experience throughout the museum are executed through a study of his drawing positions as he ages. Thus, some sequence of the paths are tilted in the same degree similar to the degree where he drew in certain age of his.  His art collections are not just being hung from the ceilings, they are also engraved into wall as hieroglyphics.
Architecturally, the building is recessed into the mountain and mediated with the exisiting landscape  and creates and a new face of the mountain for the city of Neijiang.   
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Status: School Project
Location: Neijiang, CN

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