Sarah Lucy Estephan

Sarah Lucy Estephan

San Francisco, CA, US


Boundless stories :: a new multi-use housing

“Boundless stories” is a narrative comprised of three streams that are defined by Mission and Wiese street.
The streams, each having a specific ‘entourage’ define different courtyards of public spaces that in reciprocity create a community of several units ranging from single family to studio spaces.
In addition, each stream becomes a way-finding mechanism for dwelling in this new micro-city setting, by nesting and revealing.

The concept was derived from research done in Mission, by analyzing personal boundaries with property lines between residential apartments and retail spaces that led to a contemporary application of townhouses.
By extending the new framework in our site, the streams become an active transformation of living in a complex community.
The derived courtyards connote different communities that respond to Mission street and Wiese street by responding to their level of activity and privacy. 

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US


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