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George Bryant

Philadelphia, PA, US

Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing
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Uplands Phase 1 Rental Housing

"The Uplands Redevelopment site is the premier urban mixed-income neighborhood
redevelopment opportunity on the Eastern seaboard today," said Baltimore City Mayor
The goal is to create a mixed-income development that attracts new residents while
enhancing the quality of life for existing residents. The new development includes 56
acres previously occupied by the very distressed Uplands public housing project. The
Phase 1 rental housing portion of the development includes 104 rental units arranged
in 13 different types of two- and three-story buildings. There is also a small leasing
office building that includes community amenity spaces and is designed to attain
LEED NC Silver certification. The entire development is designed to attain LEED ND
The building designs were inspired by early Garden City housing types and the
eclectic residential styles found in the surrounding neighborhoods. The steep site
presented difficult challenges to making the development accessible and treatment of
the required retaining wall along adjoining Athol Street. Phase 1 was completed in 2012.

 Phase 2 will follow with an additional 104 units

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Status: Built
Location: Baltimore, MD, US
My Role: Project Manager/Lead Designer

Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing
Uplands Rental Housing

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