Tya Winn

Tya Winn

Chicago, IL, US

Daytona Airport City
Daytona Airport City

Daytona Lifestyle Center

The Urban Design studio was under the instruction of Professor Jonathan Barnett.  Our client, and the Central Florida Partnership asked us to analyze the advantages and benefits to high-speed rail in Central Florida.  We also looked at the 13 counties surrounding the line and examined the economic competitiveness of them joining together as one super region.  Over the semester our studio analyzed the competitive economic,  transportation, and environmental advantages in the region. Divided into groups students were given critical sites to design around the HSR stations.  For Daytona, my group proposed a local trolley line to connect the city to the tourist attractions, airport, and the multimodal station.  Our transportation plan included an express line to the Sun Rail line in Deland, FL as well as an HSR connection to Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral.  On an empty plot of land near the airport, we designed a new high tech research corridor and lifestyle center as a way to utilize its economic and political strengths.  In terms of development we created a development scheme that has high density housing options for urban living as well as smaller single family homes to accommodate different possibilities.  Green systems connected to the river and the residential communities from the main street, where the trolley ran.  Most of the commercial and office uses were located along this line to create an activity node separate from the residential communities.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Daytona, FL

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