sean slater

sean slater

Atlanta, GA, US


Midtown West

Client:  Midtown West, Inc.
Program:  An adaptive reuse of existing historic stockyards along active freight rail in a very hip, fast-growing area of Midtown Atlanta.  Prepare site for massive development opportunities while phasing work to allow immediate development in historic freight buildings.
• Block A3:  125 units residential over 45,000 sf Retail / Office
• Block B:  125,000 sf commercial on Brady St.  4 levels structured parking & 95,000 sf cultural arts center & public park
• Block C:  196 units residential over 100,000 sf commercial office / retail
• Block D:  150,000 sf commercial retail on Brady St.  4 levels structured parking & 96 units residential over 40,000 sf commercial on Howell Mill Rd.
• Blocks E &  F:  120 units residential over 65,000 sf commercial office / retail
• Regional Parking:  8 levels structured parking:  800 spaces

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Atlanta, GA, US


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