Alexandra Seager

Alexandra Seager

New York, NY, US


One Material Project

This project is about studying one type of material and all the different ways to use it. We were to explore the material and find new products and innovative ways of using it. My material was concrete and cement based materials, which I chose because of it's durability and versatility. I decided to look into sustainable options because the process of making concrete contributes to a large percentage of greenhouse gases. I found a material called TX Active, which inspired me to create a kitchen. This product filters the air from a chemical reaction to sun light. I used this for the majority of my design. There are three south facing windows in the kitchen to activate this sustainable reaction. I also explored translucent cement and used that as a partition to separate the pantry from the kitchen while still connecting them. I found many materials to explore, and came up with a modern design for my kitchen. All my drawings were drawn and rendered by hand.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US

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