Salvador Madera

Salvador Madera

Anaheim, CA, US


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The proposal for the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a part of the Hollywood revitalization effort. On an urban level the Vine Street corridor is activated by positioning the main entrance to the campus here, it provides visual and physical connections between the campus and Hollywoodʼs proposal for a new civic center and fi nally, it creates a new landmark visible from many points throughout the city. Museum exhibits are set up in a grid that allows fro even progression between galleries as well as a diagonal circulatory route which allows the visitor to experience the museum in any way the choose. The premier theatre provides a venue for debuting important fi lms and movies. Overall, the premier theatre is intended to achieve three objectives: serve as a venue for the release of new fi lms, give patrons an experience similar to the red carpet procession during the Academy Awards and incorporate a stage for other types of events, such as concerts, plays and other live events.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hollywood, CA, US


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