Parth Desai

Parth Desai

Santa Clara, CA, US


Sanskriti Art Village

About the Site: Jaspur is a small viIlage in the western state of India called Gujarat. It has one of the fi nest location since it is on the bank of river “Mahisagar” which has a great panoramic view. The site has some important factors and key features which made me choose this site for “Sanskriti Art
Village” One being the fact that it is a rural area and away from the busy urban life. This is a perfect location for all artists to work in the womb of nature. Another key feature is its location being 20 miles away from city called Vadodara which is known for its fine arts.

This proposed site for “Sanskriti” art village is a newly constructed site. It was earlier designed for a resort but due to a falling out of the partners the plans for the resort were canceled.

Sanskriti Restaurant: Inspiration for this space is state of Rajashthan, India. Use of traditional Indian upholstery and traditional Indian seating with the contemporary light fixtures helping this space to express my concept. In addition to express importance of art in Indian culture I have integrated sculpture in my design. In addition, use of hand made fabric and Jali(carvings) pattern in chair
back rest is giving more traditional feel to space.

Sanskriti Bar: It is first area that the audience is going to experience once they enter the restaurant. I wanted to reinforce my concept that’s why i have used some traditional Indian patterns on walls and bar counter with the integration of warm,bright colors in the space.The copper bar stools and bottle holder adds a contemporary touch to this design.

Sanskriti Lounge: My inspiration for using the matka (pot) for this space developed from the clay pots that women would collect water from miles away. In addition to traditional custom of having pot filled
with water in seating area or in gathering space. I have added bright colors to upholstery and lime plaster with mud texture finish to create a balance of the traditional Indian and contemporary design.

Nasta Cafeteria: This is one of the area besides to studio that artists are going spend maximum timet and keeping that in mind i have designed this space. I have included contemporary light fixtures and bar stools. I have designed ceiling in a contemporary way with adding cove lighting around it and traditional flower pattern in the glass of ceiling which is also acting as light source in a way of creating harmony between the old and new.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ahmedabad, IN


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