Madelynn Ringo

Madelynn Ringo

New York, NY, US


Bus Shelter, Competition

An "Art Shelter" design competition for a bus stop location in front of Good Foods Inc. (one of the competition sponsors) in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Tobacco has played an integral part in the growth of Lexington, allowing our city to establish a firm foothold as one of the key urban nodes of the state. Tobacco farming has changed and industrialized throughout the decades and many methods of the past have long become obsolete. One of these is the use of the tobacco stick in the process of drying tobacco. Millions of these staves on farms across the state were hand-hewn and later machine fabricated from native Kentucky hardwoods. As part of our proposal, we would like to give tobacco sticks a new life, and have incorporated them as sun and vision control devices.

Our design proposal is both environmentally and culturally sustainable, utilizing a reclaimed material with strong symbolic ties to the history and culture of our region, in a manner befitting the structural nature of the material. It communicates a forward thinking vision of implementing green technologies and means while working to preserve Lexington’s distinctive cultural landscape.

The design creates a safe shelter, free of dark corners, while sill providing protection from winds through the placement of a structural concrete wall on the southwest side to be made using flyash, a byproduct of burning coal. The recycled tobacco stick sun screens would provide shade while also being porous enough to allow users to see and be see by the approaching buses. The sticks would be weather treated and a glass panel placed on the exterior side of each screen would provide further protection from rain and wind. The design also includes a green roof that would be used as an herb garden to help promote Good Foods Coop (a sponsor), located directly behind the bus shelter. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lexington, KY, US
Additional Credits: + Eric Burnside


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