Madelynn Ringo

Madelynn Ringo

New York, NY, US


Architecture + Fashion

For the 2012 Lexington Beaux Arts Ball, I organized a collaborative fashion show, pairing up architecture students and local fashion designers from the Lexington Fashion Collaborative to create pieces for the show. The garments were designed using unconventional materials such as chipboard, Tyvek, and cotton muslin and created using architecture fabrication processes like 3D modeling in Rhino/Grasshopper and use of the laser cutter. 

Sarah Jane Estes and I designed this dress using a Grasshopper script, rhino, the laser cutter and a sewing machine. The materials used include: chipboard, Tyvek, and cotton muslin

Overall, it was a successful exercise for the architecture students to collaborate with designers from an unfamiliar field and scale, while also opening up new opportunities for the fashion designers who were given access to the various fabrication tools and a body of student knowledge. The collaborative work was shown a second time at the Lexington Future of Fashion show in June of 2012. This project began a tradition that has since been repeated at the 2011 and 2012 Beaux Arts Balls. 

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Status: School Project
Location: University of Kentucky, Beaux Arts Ball
My Role: director of event, designer
Additional Credits: Sarah Jane Estes, University of Kentucky College of Design, Beaux Arts Ball


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