Allison Sredojevic

Allison Sredojevic

Boulder, CO, US


the gulch

The ArchDaily Competition is a 48-hour competition designed to showcase the creativity of its participants. The program was to develop an area of the Atlanta, “The Gulch” by integrating the development more into the city fabric. The program requested that the design respond to the pragmatic demands of a modern city, reinforce the local culture, and contribute to the identity, symbols and expression that are unique to Atlanta. The solution to “the gulch” was to create a web like pedstrian path that connected the existing urban nodes to the transportantion aspects of the site. By leveling certain areas to create green spaces, the web leads pedestrains to nodes or green spaces while the road, rail and marta traffic weave through the environment creating a multi-use system.

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Status: School Project
Location: Atlanta, GA, US

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