Dalia Munenzon

Dalia Munenzon

Cambridge, MA, US


Sea Change- Ashdod waterfront

The project deals with the city Ashdod and its overlapping points with the natural edges correspondingly to natures changes and urban development along time.
The space between city and sea remains outside the city grid, its edges determined by overlapping the sea, ground and the city.
The weaknesses of the edge as a space empty of urban activity, allows a development temporary "off grid" events which are the constituting the constitution between the Densifying and uncontrolled nature. Acupunctured organization of the waterfront with different scaled public spaces enables impermanent activities.
The new system development principals are based on natural elements; the unique landscape defines the planning conditions and reflects its morphology and consistency. The system must react to uncertainty, while limiting the possibilities the site can handle. The project develops a local & regional program and open end building types which can handle changes such as rising water level and dune movement.
3 key points acupunctured, there you can observe the changes. Infrastructure encore point responds each to different changes.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ashdod on the Sea, IL


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