Philip Weller

Philip Weller

Brooklyn, NY, US


Solar Oasis

 In all places on earth, there exist the elements necessary to sustain human life, as do there exist inexhaustible sources of energy.  The difference between a hospitable environment and an inhospitable one is primarily a matter of our technological attunement to the local conditions.

In the Namib Desert, moisture-laden air blows in from the Atlantic Ocean.  However, the hot dry air coming over the mountains from the East pushes the moist air down, preventing rain clouds from forming, thereby making it difficult for plant and animal life to sustain itself.

By harvesting the inexhaustible energy of the sun, the Solar Oasis condenses moisture from the air using a gigantic, inhabitable chiling manifold.  The most desolate place on earth suddenly becomes a haven for human and animal life, and a forum for the advancement of agriculture, clean energy practices, and cooperation among cultures, species, and wandering organisms of all varieties.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Namib Desert, Namibia

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