Philip Weller

Philip Weller

Brooklyn, NY, US


Aqueous Medium Self-Storage

          Existing storage facilities are extremely inefficient due to gravity.  As items are stacked, care must be given to the relative density of materials, making the process of storing and accessing miscelaneous objects difficult. 
          By storing objects suspended in liquid, we may alleviate many of the problems that gravity and friction cause in conventional self-storage.  By packing objects in variable-buoyancy containers, we can ensure that objects may be accessed at any time by remotely increasing their buoyancy and guiding them to the surface.
         Inside the confines of the facility, occupants will be surrounded by the floating masses of their own possessions and those of other people.  They will feel compelled, each time they enter the facility, to reconsider what is worth keeping and what is simply added weight and darkness within their conscience.  Articles may be submitted in the basement and retrieved on the roof.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US

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