Michael Bellefeuille

Michael Bellefeuille

Boston, MA, US


Stone Wall Garage

This design for a small, two-car garage, which I produced as an alternative to a more traditional design, was inspired by an existing stone wall beneath the columns of a porte-cochère at a wonderfully restored Queen Anne-style house.  The design would expand the stone wall and wrap it around the side of the garage, which would be accessed from a lower driveway on the opposite side from the porte-cochère.  The scale of the former stone wall would be honored by two incisions into the new wall for a passage and steps to the garage on one side, and a window on the other.  The garage would largely be concealed by existing vegetation, but the intention was to honor the existing house with an understated, contemporary structure.  While the client preferred the contemporary design, the project was never built due to an unresolved property line change with a neighbor on which construction was predicated.

This project was conducted in the office of Adolfo Perez Architect, where I served as the primary designer on this iteration.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Newton, MA, US

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