Raegan Albright Spencer

Raegan Albright Spencer

Birmingham, AL, US



This project aims to transform the current mass-urban development into one
that reinforces the importance of education, combined with the traditions and
conventions of Ethiopian community culture in a well-connected, decentralized
network of cooperatives. This network would work to connect communities on
a physical, social, and functional level. It would extend from the periphery, with
its agricultural plots, to the school and the market of the inner subcenter, and to
neighboring areas via a series of roads and accessible green corridors. Common,
dual-function social structures will be introduced as the anchors for future
spatial arrangements, including schools, churches, markets, hospitals, kebele
centers, town halls, and business centers all provided by cooperative profit
surpluses. Here, the notion of synergic urbanity works to identify opportunities
for programmatic and social mixity within and around the activated public
space. The combination of spatial typologies reinforces social contact within
the site under investigation and promotes urban growth.

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Status: School Project
Location: Amhara Region, Ethiopia


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