Fenty Muliadi

Fenty Muliadi

Los Angeles, CA, US


The House of Red and White

The House of Red and White can be best defined by three characteristics: glorified - a monumental object, multiplied - one object repeated, and identified - personal recognition. With a sloping site terrain, the memorial becomes partially concealed within the landscape. This allows the structure to be slowly uncovered, just as the victims of the massacre. The memorial takes the shape cube, which stands as a glorified monument against the backdrop of trees. The extension of the forest continues into the interior of the memorial through the multiplied wooden elements, which account for every murdered victim. And for those victims that were identified, their names appear in red at the end of the plastic elements. Other elements remain nameless in memory of the unidentified victims.
The undulating wooden surfaces symbolically express the chaos of the massacre. However, order is established through the introduction of the viewing platforms, which provides stability within interior. Confining this balance between chaos and order is the pure geometry of the cube. The materials chosen for the monument represent the element of time. The exterior steel shell will rust over time, and the wood pieces will eventually rot away, but the plastic pieces with the victims will remain forever, as a monument to their memory.

ICARCH Gallery, Fall 2010, in collaboration with A. Hotchkiss and L. Hirai.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Katyn Forest, Russia


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