Jacob Peel

Jacob Peel

Portland, OR, US



Twelve artists will reside in the structure for three months during the summer.
The structure slowly moves south while transversing east and west. Along the way, the artists set pigment to the desert floor and mark it in such a way that at the end of their journey they will have created a work of art that is 47 miles square.
The global coordinate system is used to place the structure on a more appropriate system of measure in the vast space.
Longitude and latitude lines provide the system by which the structure will wander through out the desert while always knowing its exact location.
The work takes place at the intersection of these lines. Specific portions of the overall image must be produced at specific coordinates.
At the end of three months, a satellite will take a picture of the work in its entirety.
With winter comes a heavy rain that covers the surface of the desert. This returns the surface to its original condition so that during next summer another class of artists can produce the next large-scale work of art.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bonneville, UT, US


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