Charles McDowell

Charles McDowell

Kansas City, MO, US


Watershed Plan - Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas will grow by over twenty thousand people in the next ten years due to the relocation of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility and the initiation of the Base Realignment and Closure which will effect the military base at Fort Riley. Currently Manhattan's community plan and vision will not handle this increase in population effectively. The current political boundaries are not consistent with watershed boundaries. Existing zoning and subdivision boundaries cross watersheds, making it difficult to effectively manage water resources. There is little evidence of environmental stewardship in the community, illustrated by the inadequate protection of agricultural and open space areas. There is an extensive park and trail network within the existing city but there is a lack of connectivity. 

The solution to the design problem is a framework for planning by watershed which highlights the concepts of preserving natural and cultural resources, including the prairie ecosystem and agricultural lands, while promoting stewardship through community education. Through stream setbacks, and land use proposals, a set of typologies have been created to set the framework for new development within the watersheds of Manhattan, Kansas.

The design team consisted of myself, Jane Winslow, and Russell Ploutz.

course: MKS Futures - Summer 2009
media: ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

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Status: School Project
Location: Manhattan, KS, US


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