Charles McDowell

Charles McDowell

Kansas City, MO, US


North Rainier Transit Oriented Development

The challenge for the 2011 Urban Land Institute/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition was to redevelop the 33.5 acre site as a transit oriented development that is focused on improving multi-modal transportation, carbon neutrality, stormwater management, cultural identity, and creating a profitable market.

The interdisciplinary team was comprised of three landscape architecture graduate students, one architecture graduate student, and a business graduate student whose emphasis was in real estate. The Competition Stage was a two week period where the team focused on a conceptual strategy to address the project needs while creating a unique urban environment focused around the Mount Baker Transit Station on Rainier Boulevard.

The concept for the Rainier Transit Oriented Development was based on the local and regional juxtaposition between the city, the land, and the water. Through research, our team discovered that, in the pre-developed history of the site, a large stream draining the valley, existed and was eventually piped into an underground drainage network. The design proposal reconstructs and exposes the idea of the stream that flows through the site. Although the proposal does not daylight the underground stream, the proposal collects all on-site stormwater in a corridor which symbolizes the historical stream.

The design team consisted of myself, Tony Meyer (Landscape Architecture; KSU), Tim McDonnell (Landscape Architecture; KSU), Jason Ragan (Architecture; KSU), and Shane Spencer (Business Administration; UMKC).

course: Urban Land Institute/Gerald D. Hines
              Student Urban Design Competition - Spring 2011
media: Marker, ArcGIS, Google Sketchup, AutoCAD,
             Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Seattle, WA, US


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