Charles McDowell

Charles McDowell

Kansas City, MO, US


Brush Creek Eco-Park

The Brush Creek Corridor was the focus of a study to assess the impacts of urbanization on stream systems and to explore what designers can do to mitigate those impacts. Through research and precedent studies, the following four project goals were determined for the Brush Creek Corridor: Improve local environmental conditions through ecological design; Connect the corridor for improved pedestrian use; Educate users to the environmental benefits of ecological design; Reveal and interpret ecological processes and phenomena through design. The project process included a corridor study which was used to determine the site for design exploration and the design of the site addressing the project goals.

Proposed design solutions are represented by two different alternatives, each responding to the same design concept but envisioned in unique ways. Alternative 1 is a more costly solution to the design problem and would involve a greater amount of maintenance up front and over the long run. In Alternative 1, the site is manipulated significantly to amplify the users experience. Alternative 2 is less costly since the site is manipulated minimally and much is done to utilize vegetational changes within the existing context. Material and maintenance estimates were provided as to compare and contrast the two design ideas.

course: Project Programming - Fall 2010
              Masters Project and Report - Spring 2011
media: ArcGIS, Google Sketchup, AutoCAD Civil 3D,
             Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

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Status: School Project
Location: Kansas City, MO, US


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