Hui Giadone

Hui Giadone

New York, NY, US

compeleted in 2011
compeleted in 2011
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Beside the Lake / Classroom Building Project of University

This project is aiming to provide a multifaceted learning and social environment for students in the campus of National Taiwan University through an architectural linkage between the scenery of the lake to the north, and the teaching area located at the south. Along the east-west axis, the building slopes with the site to relieve any oppressiveness that might be felt on the lakeside. In addition, the rooftop terrace and platforms take full advantage of the natural scenery. The south facade for the general classrooms use beige or red bricks with exposed aggregate finish, continuing the basic color scheme of the NTU campus. The spatial planning and use of materials along the northern facade must reflect and respond to the atmosphere of Drunken-moon Lake by using gray and green light material.

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Status: Built
Location: Taipei, TW


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