Kalyn Daigle

Kalyn Daigle

Plano, TX, US


MoCCA Competition

This Sucker Punch competition was for a new Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art [MoCCA].  The site is located in Manhattan, New York at the intersection of Delancy and Norfolk within sight of the Williamsburg Bridge.

The program incorporates the collection, office space, display galleries, classrooms, cafe, store, theater, and a lecture hall.  The design takes advantage of the highly visible site with car traffic coming in across the bridge and pedestrian traffic of the neighborhood and invites people to enter and engage screenings, lectures, and the archives.  A series of flexible gallery spaces accomodates the diversity in scale and format of the collection.

The concept HIDE and REVEAL in relation to comics is translated through character, text, and content.  Characters such as Superman chose to conceal their identity only to be exposed to a select audience at specific times.  Text in comic strips can be revealed by dialogue shared with both reader and characters, or narrative text which is information exclusive to the reader.  As most comics are written in issues, the storyline's content is also slowly revealed over time.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US


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