Kalyn Daigle

Kalyn Daigle

Plano, TX, US


Condo Tower

This twenty-two story condo tower is located on the site previously occupied by a church above a gas station.  In the new development, the church had to be incorporated into the site along with the condo tower.  Bringing the church down to ground level allowed more direct public access and separated the public access of the church from the private access of the condo owners.  While both entries are on the ground floor, they are on opposing sides.

The units themselves were designed to defy the "pancake" qualities of typical high rise buildings.  Four story "blocks" each consist of thirteen unique unites stacked and repeated five times.  In those four story blocks, units vary in size from a studio unit to three bedroom units.  As seen in the section, some units have two story spaces allowing the units to interlock.  Each floor also has a green outdoor gathering space and windowed facades that encourage social interaction and take advantage of the views of the city of Rosslyn.  The staggering "boxes" of the units allow light to penetrate every unit as well as creating balcony spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rosslyn, VA, US


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