Kalyn Daigle

Kalyn Daigle

Plano, TX, US


Chapel of the Annunciation

This chapel was designed in the heart of Old Town Alexandria.  Situated at the intersection of Fayette Street and King Street, the entry was oriented toward the corner as is common along King Street.  Sunken into the ground a few feet, the chapel separates itself from the outside world and connects to nature.  The central lobby axis divides the program into two parts: the sacred and the non-sacred.  As exhibited in the paintings of the Annunciation, there is a connection between inside and outside as demonstrated by the chapel and the garden.  This chape'ls scale fits in with the city while allowing visitors a place of peace and solitude away from busy street life.  The roof and windows rise up and open to reveal a connection to heaven and earth.

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Status: School Project
Location: Alexandria, VA, US


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