Kalyn Daigle

Kalyn Daigle

Plano, TX, US



The Bathhouse project was located in Houston, Texas in the downtown area adjacent to Buffalo Bayou on a steeply sloped site.  The program consisted of a large olympic size natatorium and four smaller more intimate bathing spaces.  This dynamic was expanded into the notion of separation - of city and nature, public and private.  Axis of entry and public elements follow the city grid while the private elements of the bathing spaces are in line with Buffalo Bayou.  The central axis contains major circulation, views, and transitional spaces - lobby and locker rooms.

On the upper level, the bathing spaces break away from the city grid.  This level contains no views outside, rather light and water allow the senses to focus on the experience of each space individually.

The lower level contains the open-air olympic size pool - public with views of the busy surroundings.

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US


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