Keith Hartwig

Keith Hartwig

Philadelphia, PA, US


Machine Touristique

Undergraduate Thesis

Over the course of the last year I have investigated the implications of outer space tourism and the notion of designing future architectural habitats that can encapsulate those touristic experiences. While the thesis for my bachelor's in architecture is now complete, it is time to re-investigate the products, ideologies and theoretical positions I have created. To begin the thesis began as an investigation of the immediately recognizable opportunities for tourism in outer space. Building on the precedents established by NASA and the developments of new corporations like Virgin Galactic the thesis engaged in developing logics for technological and experiential designs for CIS-Lunar Tourism.

The components designed are framed through the lenses of traditional notions of tourism, such as the international cruise ship industry, public park designs by Frederick Law Olmsted, and the perceptual-cognitive sciences of Image, Motivation and Value.

The questions to be answered by the theoretical investigation are as follows;
What are the experiences to be had?

How can outer space technologies be employed and challenged under the framework of outer space tourism?

What are the scales, time frames, capacities and thresholds for inhabitation in CIS-Lunar space, and how does that effect design decisions?

What architectural devices can be employed to negotiate the human body in inhospitable environments, and how do we generate an outer space tourism experience through those lenses?

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Status: Unbuilt


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