Christopher Taurasi

Christopher Taurasi

New York, NY, US


North Point Plaza

North Point Plaza is an exciting new commercial development located in East Cambridge Massachusetts.  The Plaza is easily accessible via public transportation, and provides a high quality shopping space for residents, workers, and surrounding neighborhoods. 

The “L-Shaped” plan of the plaza is designed in response to the sun and predominant wind directions at North Point.  The angles allow the morning and afternoon sun to naturally illuminate the plaza while blocking the harsh western sun.  Deciduous trees throughout the site prevent the summer sun from overheating the space.  The plan also blocks the cold winter wind while channeling the summer breeze to cool the site.

The design for North Point Plaza also successfully addresses dramatic height differences by allowing pedestrian access from the Gilmore Bridge 30’-0” above.  The Plaza’s open space ties into the larger parks of North Point which eventually connect to the Boston Harborwalk.  In addition to the interior shopping areas, space for an outdoor farmers market and performance area is also provided.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cambridge, MA, US


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