Christopher Taurasi

Christopher Taurasi

New York, NY, US


90 Windsor Street Community Center

Engaging community members in their neighborhood’s rich history was the major design driver for Option C, of the 90 Windsor Street Community Center. This goal was accomplished in many ways.  By continuing the flow of foot traffic onto a wide, low pitched ramp, pedestrians are encouraged to slow their pace as they enter the building.  The ramp passes through the facade of the building where visitors are greeted by artwork commemorating major local historic events. 


The artwork walks the rest of the way up the ramp to a landing where guests pass through the preserved brick facade of the old community center.  Visitors then enter a large, open, mixed-use space that serves as a library by day and a reception hall by night. Surrounded by a louvered glass facade on two sides, this room takes advantage of warm southern light while overlooking stunning, historic brick row houses.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Roxbury Crossing, MA, US


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