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Wilson Gomez

New York, NY, US

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Community Development Project

This project was created for displaced rural villagers of nearby San Vicente del Caguan.  People are often forced to migrate due to civil war, natural disasters, and unemployment into towns such as San Vicente.  Working with the local Archdiocese and volunteer missionaries, the project will provide temporary or permanent refuge for the displaced in the area.

The shelters are modular and easy to produce, build, and maintain.  The materials are gathered from the nearby mountains, where trees have been knocked over by military activity.  Using passive methods such as;  rain collecting roofs, water filtering, high ceilings, cross ventilation, raised floors, septic tanks, light diffusing glass, and solar panels -will help the shelters function almost completely self sufficient, and minimize impact on the natural environment.  Keeping the soil permeable and vegetated also helps prevent erosion leading to common landslides.

The software used is AutoCAD for 3D modeling, SketchUp for rendering, and Photoshop for presentation.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: San Vicente del Caguan, Colombia, S.A.

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