John Vogtman

John Vogtman

Washington, DC, US


Owen Brown Village Center

Elkhorn Promenade was developed to encourage revitalization of the Owen Brown Village Center using the following key tactics: tying Lake Elkhorn and the existing community amenities to the Village Center, highlighting the Interfaith Center, and strengthening the existing trail system.

First, Elkhorn Promenade sought to capitalize on the existing amenities by directly linking the Village Center to Lake Elkhorn and the northern park system. This was accomplished by widening the underpass, pulling water into the retail area, and using a stream and path system to knit the two areas together. As water from the lake is pulled into the Village Center, the setting transitions from a natural environment that encourages outdoor recreational activities while providing storm water mitigation and wildlife habitats to an urban environment with paved walkways and restaurant seating.

The proposed project also highlights the Interfaith Center as an important cornerstone of the community. The main promenade is intersected by a secondary axis lined with an allee of trees leading up a gently sloped incline that ends in a small courtyard in front of the Interfaith Center. While much of the site will undergo drastic revitalization, celebrating the Interfaith Center will help to retain the original character of the Owen Brown Village Center.

Finally, Elkhorn Promenade addresses the need to improve connectivity between the Village Center and the greater community of Owen Brown and Columbia. By utilizing and strengthening the existing trail system, the Village Center becomes a prominent node in a web of alternative transportation systems. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Columbia, MD, US
My Role: Design Team Member
Additional Credits: Professor | Jana Vandergoot
Team Members | Josh Kilian, Renata Soutard, Arica Thornton

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