bryAn winters

bryAn winters

Hermosa Beach, CA, US



his 3 bedroom 2 bath located in one of hermosa beaches many alley court streets, replaces an existing 1936 dilapidated structure. being in the r3 zone, enable this new structure to reach, unobstructed views to the pacific ocean.

while working off a 2 foot module/ grid, the home lends itself to openness, while providing privacy, with the placement of fenestrations, and carefully located site lines, filters natural light into the deepest parts of the house, with the use of a thirty foot north to south sky light system, that wraps aound the north and south facades.

the entry uses a double height space and it has a frameless channeled glass system that rises from the floor to ceiling, again allowing natural light to filter into the spaces, yet providing an internal privacy that leads to an overall sense of calmness.

while being both funtional and aesthetic, componenants of the house will qualify for a leed rating. the use of radiant heating, ash eco poured in place concrete, fsc certified wood members,alcobond panels, that utilizes recycled aluminum. the deck on the third floor, to the west, has a parklex surface which matches the interior plywood floor, to achieve the indoor/outdoor mentality.

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Status: Under Construction

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