Asaf Dali

Asaf Dali

Los Angeles, CA, US


Pushkinsky Wrap

Located in Pushkin Square, one of the busiest city squares in Moscow, Pushkinsky Cinema holds an important cultural role as Russia's main cinema and primary site of the Moscow International Film Festival.

The main concept of the proposal was to revitalize the theater as a landmark befitting its position at the center of Russia’s cultural life. The clear simple form and the contrast with nearby elements, promotes the building as unique and memorable in context.
Inspired by the familiar red theater curtain, the expressive façade promotes a theatrical experience from the exterior as well as from within the building. The cinemas entrance engages with the audience and the city, while providing a public space promoting opportunities for ephemeral events and exhibits.

The principal material used for the development of the buildings envelope is DuPont™ Corian®. This exterior system was chosen for its aesthetic qualities as a Seamless, Solid, Homogenous external solution.

The Dupont™Corian® lightweight curtain panels are mechanically attached to an aluminum grid that is connected to the existing building structure. The cavity between the panels and the existing wall is partially filled with insulation, protected by Dupont™Tyvek® membrane, permitting air to ventilate behind the profiles. This system will reduce the need of mechanical heating /cooling, thus reducing energy costs and global warming.

The designed form can be achieved by Thermoforming in which the material is bended creating a unique Seamless Organic Shape. The panels are colored all the way through and are designed to maintain their vivid red color throughout the lifetime of the building.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Moscow, RU


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