Jessica Ta

Jessica Ta

Los Angeles, CA, US

Flowers in Bouquet
Flowers in Bouquet

Sustainable Flowers

The Architecture's Upperclassmen Writing Program's final project was focused on creating detailed and precise words that represented the journey of architecture through A-Z.  My idea was the to have 26 flowers that represented the difficult yet rewarding process of architecture and how to persevere through struggles.   Architecture is also about the reinvention and reuse of space.  Sustainable architecture is one of the greatest ways to create extraordinary moments while using limited resources and material.

These flowers are the end result of how beautiful a piece can be even through reusable or wasted items.  Architecture also becomes an incredible sight even through reused items.  The flowers are made of plastic shopping bags, paper bags, assortments of paper, butter board, and plastic.

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Status: School Project
Location: Amherst, MA, US

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