Dijana Alickovic

Dijana Alickovic

Salt Lake City, UT, US


Transitional Housing For Homeless Youth

Homeless youth is considered to be anybody who is younger than the age of 18 and became homeless at no fault. Salt Lake City, Utah does not have a shelter for homeless youth. Theconcept of the project is to house and teach homeless youth how to lead productive and healthy life to safely transition into a stainable community. The complex consists of two programs which are defined as served and servant spaces. Servant space consists of residential units which outline the perimeter of the complex extruding into the surrounding residential neighborhood. The served space consists of administration, classrooms, kitchen, library and public restrooms which surround central courtyards. the idea of the served spaces is to support homeless youth residents from within. 

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Status: School Project
Location: West Valley City, Utah


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